Our Business

The competitive advantage, RFC, means R&D, Communicative Sales, and Facility, Youngwon Corporation can stand as a competitive fabric developer and supplier through constant new developments, direct communication with clients, and high standard of quality management by our facility.

R & D

R & D

In 2011, Youngwon Corporation established its own company R&D center and had invested in developing new and better collection continuously. We have developed thousands of developments, and these all are our precious assets and motivation. We propose trendy collections to our clients through analyzing color, design, materials based on market research, and trend analysis every season.

  • CAD Pic
  • Design Pic

R&D Work Process

Our R&D provides two ways of developing, Own-Developments, and Co-Development with clients. Through this, Youngwon Corporation improves its originality and customer satisfaction.

  • Own Developing Process
    • Inspiration
    • Own Development
    • Design Fabric
    • Sampling
    • Feedback
  • Co-Developing Process
    • Buyer Inquire
    • Redesign Fabric
    • Sampling
    • Test
    • Feedback

Sample Library

We never forget our developments. We keep our samples that have been developed for 20 years in our sample room and sample book. We have a system that we can always show our developments to the market and clients.

  • Dobby Sample Room
  • JQD Sample Book

Manufacture Facility

Production Facility

The mill of Youngwon Corporation is composed of Air-Jet Jacquard and Air-Jet Dobby, which is the newest version of machines. Fast sampling and quality regeneration can be achieved since all R&D activities have proceeded with the facility.

Youngwon Corporation owns 23 of Dobby and 23 of Jacquard. We effectively input and output constructed design by adapting the CAD system. Monthly capacity is 150,000yd for solid fabric and 100,000yds for Jacquard fabric with stable quality.

  • Dobby
  • JQD

Process Chart

Weaving Preparation
  • Yarn Supply
    • Warp
      • Sizing
      • Twisting
    • Weft
      • Twisting
  • Solid
    • Drawing
    • Warp preparation
    • Construction Input
  • JQD
    • Drawing
    • Warp preparation
    • Design Input
    • Weave
    • Greige Inspection
    • Delivery
  • Refining
  • Heat-set
  • Alkali weight reduction
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing

Communicative Sales


Youngwon Corporation has participated in many exhibitions in Paris, New York, and Shanghai for many years. Through this, we announce ourselves and our developments directly to global brands.

F2F Meeting

Youngwon Corporation always co-develops with clients. F2F meeting enables more precise communication between YW and Clients, and it can create a fast and effective solution. With the F2F meeting, YW and clients can build up a stronger relationship, which will allow a higher level of trust and value.

The communicative sales of Youngwon Corporation will raise trust, satisfaction, and the level of fashion industry between YW and clients.